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A Sandwich From Sandwich!


Sandwich is actually a small town in south-east England. Located in Kent County, it is about 120 kilometers from London. Many years ago, it was an important(1) port in England. Sandwich actually means, “a sandy place(2).” But of course, it is famously known as the birthplace of our tasty “sandwich”. One has to agree, a sandwich from Sandwich must truly be a unique sandwich!


Actually, people have been making sandwiches for many(3) centuries. In history, we can find many different types of sandwiches from all over the world. But, the original sandwich is claimed by the Earl of Sandwich, Sir John Montagu. The Earl (a rich land owner) loved to play cards. He played cards all the time(4). He did not have time to eat a fancy meal. And, he did not want to get his hands dirty. In 1762(5), he asked his chef to make 2 pieces of bread with some beef inside! He loved it. And, his guests also loved it! The sandwich was born!


Although, sandwiches were eaten by many people, they were not really popular until 1928. An automatic bread slicing machine was invented. It became very(6) easy to produce packaged sliced bread. Very quickly, factories were producing millions of(7) loaves of bread. This allowed American families to conveniently and cheaply make sandwiches for lunch. Everybody was eating sandwiches. Americans started to make many different types of sandwiches. Probably the most famous sandwich was the “peanut butter and jelly(8)” sandwich. Many other well-known sandwiches were created: the Submarine, the BLT, the Clubhouse, the Reuben. Interestingly, two of the greatest American foods originated from the sandwich(9). Using two pieces of bread and meat inside, the hotdog and the hamburger are truly America’s most famous delicacies!


Presently, when we go to the bakery, we can see an extremely large variety of tasty sandwiches, rolls, wraps and buns. With such a big selection, now the problem is deciding which one to choose. It is going to be so(10) easy to eat and play cards with my friends tonight!


Expression:             I can’t decide which one to choose.

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