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Who Is Man’s Best Friend?

Pets are great! Do you know the expression, “A dog is a man’s best friend”? Definitely, dogs can be a very trusted friend. Yet, It seems almost everybody loves cats.


We had very(1) many cats when I was growing up on the farm. Actually, they were wild cats. Therefore, it was very(2) difficult to touch them or bring them into the house. Nonetheless, it seemed so wonderful to watch them everyday. Of course, we always(3) tried to catch them or play with them. I clearly remember during spring(4) many new kittens were born. This was very exciting as we would search for the newborn kittens and try to play with them. Interestingly, whenever we found the kittens, the mother moved them to another home to hide them from us(5). I remember one time watching the mother carrying the kittens one by one right in front of us. She carried each kitten by the neck in her mouth walking by and saying,”Don’t touch my kittens again!” At one point, we had over 20 cats on the farm! Sometimes, all of them came to the back door of the house asking for food. When all the cats were meowing, it was extremely(6) loud!


We did have one tame cat, though. We called him Max because it was a Manx cat(7). We had Max for a long time. Then one day, we sold the farm. Our family moved to a new house about 15 kilometers(8) away. Of course, we brought Max with us. After one week, Max was gone. Two(9) weeks later, the new owner of the farm telephoned us saying that Max was at the farm. We picked up Max and brought him back to our new house. Again, Max left. Two weeks later, Max reached the farm again. Three(10) times after Max walked back to the farm, we let him stay there. Of course, we were sad, but I am sure he was much more happy there than at the new house. I guess that is why they say a dog is man’s best friend and not a cat!



Expression:   A dog is man’s best friend.

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