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My Dream Came True!


Have you ever looked at a subway and train map of Tokyo? It looks like a bowl of spaghetti! How can anybody understand it? And, it is so crowded, too………


When I was very young, I used to watch cartoons on Saturday morning very(1) often. Sometimes between cartoons, I could watch a very short program called, “Believe It Or Not”. It was usually quite(2) interesting for young kids. One time, the show introduced an unusual occupation, Subway Pushers! It was very interesting for me. On the TV screen, I saw very many people in Tokyo(3). The program showed extremely crowded trains and platforms. It was very(4) difficult for so many passengers to get on the train. It looked impossible. But wait! No problem! The Subway Pusher was pushing many people onto the train! It looked amazing! I never forgot watching the Japanese subway pushers, thinking one day, I would really like to see that.


Well, my dream came true. After university, I visited Tokyo. It was very exciting and very interesting. At that time, there were no trains in Vancouver(5). So having no experience with trains, the Tokyo train and subway system looked very(6) frightening to me. Nonetheless, I had to get around the city on the train. After a while, I started to feel a little(7) more comfortable. One day, I had to change trains at Shinjuku(8) Station. It was very crowded. I tried to get on a very packed car. There was a wall of people in front of me. I pushed and pushed. I stood back and jumped. I ran at the wall of people. I could not get on the train! Then, a very polite man in a uniform, who was wearing gloves, came closer. He placed me next to the wall of people. He said, “Don’t move.” With some force and expertise(9), he pushed me onto the train. I could hear small footsteps moving and many bodies moving more tightly together. Amazing! I was on the train! I said thank you very much. And, the station staff said very(10) kindly, “You are welcome.” Trains in Japan, they are so wonderful!


Expression:   My Dream Came True!

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