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My Aunt Is My Cousin!


My aunt is my cousin? Mmmm…….. Can that be true? Let me see. So, my mother’s sister is my aunt. My father’s sister is also my aunt. My aunt’s children are my cousins. And, my uncle’s children are also my cousins. I wonder if it can really happen? Well, my friend, Alex, told me about his family. According to him, it is true! When Alex was growing up, his Aunt Nancy and Aunt Pauline quite(1) often came to visit. The two aunts were probably a little(2) older than his mother. His two aunts and his mother were very(3) close. They always had a very nice time together. Alex also very(4) much enjoyed talking with Aunt Nancy and Aunt Pauline. He thought his aunts were wonderful!


When Alex was about 20 years old, he went to a large(5) family reunion. There were many relatives there. Everybody was standing, sitting and talking happily outside in a very wide and comfortable yard behind his cousin’s house. On that warm sunny summer day, the reunion was quite(6) enjoyable for Alex. Of course, Alex was very happy when he saw his Aunt Nancy and Aunt Pauline. They were sitting on lawn chairs(7) and talking happily together. “Alex, come here sweetie!” Aunt Nancy exclaimed, excited to see him again. They talked very cheerfully together.  At one point, Aunt Pauline sincerely explained, “Alex, we are not your aunts. We are your cousins.” Alex was surprised and confused.


Unbelievable yet true, Alex already knew that his mother had 22(8) brothers and sisters. (It is true. I saw the family picture!) The two aunts gave more details. Nancy and Pauline’s father was the first born child. Alex’s mother was the last born child. So, the age difference between the first born and the last born child was 30(9) years! That made Nancy and Pauline close to the same age as Alex’s mother. Understandably when Alex was growing up, he always called his cousins “Aunt Nancy and Aunt Pauline”(10). Now I see. My aunt can be my cousin!



Expression:   Let me see….

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