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You Are Pulling My Leg!


Many years ago, my brother, Rob, and his girlfriend, Gloria, got married. I waited until the last day before their wedding to buy them a wedding present. So, my cousin and I went to the local(1) shopping mall in order to buy something nice for them. Surprise! On that day at the mall, the Vancouver Canucks ice hockey team was having a charity campaign for the Vancouver Children’s Hospital. As Canuck fans, my cousin and I wanted to look a little(2) closer. Wow! The most famous Canuck player, “Tiger” Williams, was there signing autographs in hope of getting donations. We had to wait a little while(3). Finally, we were talking to Tiger! We donated some money, and he was going to give us his autograph. I had an idea! I asked Tiger if he could write a marriage(4) greeting to my brother and his girlfriend. He said no problem. We very(5) happily took the signed greeting to the wedding reception.


My brother and wife are extreme(6) Canuck fans. They have named 3(7) of their dogs after famous Canuck players. They love the Canucks! So after the wedding ceremony, we went to the wedding reception. Before many speeches and dinner, my uncle read a few letters or greetings from relatives and friends that could not come to the wedding. Congratulations from Uncle John. Best wishes from Cousin Sarah. The last greeting was from Tiger. “To Rob and Gloria on your wedding day. I truly hope you have lots of(8) happiness in the years to come. Congratulations to the bride and groom. From your Canuck, Dave “Tiger” Williams. As my brother and wife did not know about the greeting, they were very(9) surprised. They could not believe it. My brother exclaimed, “No way! You’re pulling my leg. Let me see that memo!” He looked at it in disbelief. My uncle explained what happened. My brother and wife were extremely happy. They named their next dog Tiger. And of course, they have a very wonderful(10) memory of their marriage. And, they also have a very special souvenir from a very great Vancouver Canuck!



Expression:   You are pulling my leg!

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