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3 Times Lucky!


I was lucky to get such a nice present! I got a really nice(1) wrist watch for my 20th birthday from my parents. It was quite fashionable with a gold band and a slim square face. I proudly wore it everywhere. One warm spring day, I went to the beach with my friend to play Frisbee(2). The beach was not too crowded, so we could easily enjoy throwing the Frisbee. Suddenly, the Frisbee hit my watch. It fell quickly into the sand. It should be easy to find. However, we searched for over one(3) hour without finding it. We went home rather disappointed. In the fall(4), my father bought a metal detector. As a hobby, he wanted to search for treasure in the field, on the side of the road or at the park. My friend and I wanted to search for lost coins at the beach(5). We went to the beach and looked for over 2 hours. We found lots of bottle caps! My friend said, “Hey, let’s try to find your watch!” I wanted to give up. My friend decided to give it a try. After two minutes, beep, beep, beep. He found my watch!


About one(6) year after finding my watch, I moved into a house alone. I had to clean, cook and do the laundry by myself. I was not the best(7) house cleaner. However, I tried to clean up when I had time. Again, I lost my watch. This time, I didn’t know where I lost it. Maybe, I lost it while shopping, while working or in my house! I really didn’t know. Nonetheless, I tried carefully looking in the house, especially while cleaning. After 6 months(8), I almost completely forgot about my watch. Then one day, I decided to clean everything and everywhere. I was turning a new leaf. I was going to clean up properly(9), like my mother! Wiping, sweeping, vacuuming, put everything away! Alright next, clean up my bedroom. I had never cleaned under my bed. Okay, I’ll try sweeping under my bed. I could not believe it. I found my watch again! It was hiding under my bed as I was sleeping every night! Needless to say, I was extremely happy. But, I was quite(10) embarrassed about being such a bad house cleaner! I still have the watch. I guess that means three times lucky. I love it!


Expression:   Turn a new leaf.

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