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Introductions Story - Unit 1

How To Make A Great First Impression!


When we meet somebody for the first time, we are always a little(1) nervous. Will I make a good impression? What will the other person think of me? What should I say or do? When you meet somebody, perhaps you should be a little careful. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Actually, your first impression can influence somebody for a long time(2). Nobody is perfect. But, here are a few ideas to think about when you meet somebody for the first time.


Your smile is perhaps the most important. You can create a happy(3) atmosphere with your smile. Also, a cheerful appearance is always welcome. Please remember, eye contact definitely helps to make a friendly atmosphere. Oh, and by the way, don’t cross your arms. That is not friendly body language.


Warm-hearted greetings can really(4) help build a closer relation. If you say something nice with some feeling, the other person will truly appreciate it. For example, the greetings, “I am really happy to meet you” or “It’s really great to meet you” are very friendly. Don’t forget to say your greeting with some emotion. And, remember to speak clearly!


A positive atmosphere is also extremely(5) important to create a great first impression. People will be pleased to hear helpful, constructive and encouraging(6) comments when you meet them. You should not use negative expressions such as, “I don’t like...” or, “I think that is bad.” The other person will be attracted to your optimism.


An honest personality is always(7) appreciated when you meet somebody for the first time. Try to be genuine. The person will feel comfortable(8) if you can show some of your true character. Remember, if you show an untrue character, the other person will probably feel something is strange.


Your clothes can also help make a good(9) impression. It is a good idea to always wear clean clothes. Also, it is important to dress for the occasion. Be careful to not wear casual clothes in formal situations. Likewise, you had better not wear formal clothes for a casual meeting. And of course, you have to be clean, too!


People remember their first impression for a long time. Hopefully, you can make a great impact when you first meet. Relax, be yourself and enjoy. And when you meet again, your new friend will remember you for your positive smile and genuine optimism(10)!



Expression:             Make a good impression on somebody.

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